Sheila and Lyndon Bartlett

You can always cancel with us at anytime; there is no long term commitment.

3 Promises

If we ever fail to do one of these 3 things, then we owe you $100.

Arrive On-Time

We will always be on time. If we are not, then we owe you $100.

Brutally Honest

We will always be brutally honest with you. If you feel we were not, we owe you $100.

Just Do It 

We will always do what we say we are going to do. If we don't, we owe you $100

3 Guarantees

Our goal is to make you so OUTRAGEOUSLY HAPPY that you'll introduce us to 2 friends.

Your Home Sold

Your home sold in 63 days or less, or we owe you $2,400 at closing.

Your Purchase

We will save you $10,000+ off the list price of any home you purchase, or owe you $2,400.

Your Experience

This will be the best buying or selling experience you've ever had, or we owe you $1,000.


Homes currently listed by Sheila and Lyndon